Image Management Perfection!

Snip2it MAX includes all the features you love about CLASSIC, PLUS and PRO with even more functionality!  

MAX is for those people who like to not have to think about, or trudge through, a lengthy step-by-step process.  For those people, we have our proprietary MagicButton approach.  You'll love all the sleek, fully automated functionality built into Snip2it MAX.     

Have you ever been told that an image you shared with someone could not be opened?  MAX has eliminated that frustration with the ability to quickly convert any image format to the one you need.  Even images created with other programs!

Now, think of every time you needed to attach an image to a new E-mail quickly.  A task that must be accomplished with a repetitive, multi-step process.  MAX is able to achieve this with the touch of a button.  Done!

Turn the unmanageable into easy, with the breakthrough Image Management System — Snip2it MAX.  

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