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The Possibilities are Endless:

Snip2it is so easy to use, you will find new ways to incorporate it into your daily life.  It's potential is limited only by your imagination.  Here are a few ideas to inspire you and get your creativity flowing.


Attorney:  If  maintaining privacy is important or if you need to refer to a previous case as supporting evidence to build a  legal brief.

Government worker:  Hillary Clinton E-mails and private server... need we say more?

Health Care Worker:  HIPPA requires workers to maintain privacy when discussing client information.


Engineer:  When you need to isolate a specific area of a design so you can get clarification between sub-contractors.  SnipShots use much less memory than sending a CAD file and will not bog your system down.  And, Its fast!

Student:  When watching a webinar,  maybe created in PowerPoint, you can capture all slides instantly.  Leaving you with  more time to take notes and focus on the course content.  Just click and capture! Easy.

Teacher/Coach:  You are providing a PowerPoint presentation, now you can add captions and automatically assemble slides into a Word document to give as a handout. 

In general, MAX is the product that insures due diligence so you are protected from frivolous lawsuits.


Photographer:  The watermark feature aids in maintaining ownership of the photographs you sell ensuring copyright.  

Web designer/programmerSnip2it is great when  you are trying to remember coding details from one source and need to apply to a current web page.  When you communicate with a client about error messages, Snip2it images can be easily shared for accurate information.

Insurance Claims Adjuster:  Part of your job requires you to assess the damage of property using photos,  you will be able to insert captions that are applicable to each situation.


Editor:  If you are trying to write an article and need to make a record of something you see online, you can take a SnipShot of it.  You can also preview your image to be sure you have captured all of the information before you save it.

Antique Collector:  If you want to display an item for sale, the Auto Preview capability is able to help you determine if the photo is a good one to post.


Recipe collector:  Collecting recipes from the internet is a breeze with Snip2it.  You will never again have to include those annoying ads in your printout.  You will be able to capture the recipes and sequence them.  Just like you did when writing them by hand!

Crafter:  For those of you who like to peruse Pinterest, this is for you!  You see craft projects that fall into the "someday" category.  Now with Snip2it you will be able to collect those and sequence them by topic for future use.

There are many more uses for Snip2it.
Please keep us posted about your innovative uses for Snip2it.


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