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Welcome to the World of SnipShots!

Snip2it is the Image Management System you need if your job requires the sharing or saving of anything on the computer screen.  Compared to other screen capture software, Snip2it is intuitive.  The Snip2it Dashboard puts you in the driver's seat and allows you to effectively manage your image files.  It is See it, Save it and Send it — made easy and quick.

Have you ever wanted to print, send or save a phrase or picture you saw on the web?  Remember print screen and copy and paste and file save as?  Instead of going through a series of gyrations to make it happen, Snip2it is better, faster and easier!  Simply put, Snip2it is the must-have tool you need to create a permanent record of an image or text that is on your screen!

Have you ever bookmarked a website only to later find that it is either not available or worse the dreaded Error 404?  Thankfully, Snip2it SnipShots are always available.  The uses for Snip2it are truly limitless and once you begin to explore them, you will come to rely on it daily. 

Plus, Snip2it is easy and fun to use.  Whether you want to send or archive information, Snip2it will knock your socks off!  And, Snip2it SnipShots take up much less memory, use less data and are quicker than traditional methods!  What you see is what you get.  Period.

So, stop waiting and Snip2it!


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